Thursday, September 28, 2006

I dare you to read this scary looking thing.

Today I was a real New Yorker. I literally ran all over the city and I yelled at somebody. I also wore a black dress and heals. And ate some pizza. Let me fill you in a little:

I was 10 minutes late to work because I could not fit my body on a train. Interning was fun and I am liking it more each day. Lots of good things. On lunch, I realized I had 4 missed calls, two messages, and maybe some text messages (add this to an email and some IM's when I got back from lunch). It looked like most of the calls were from Samantha so I called her before I listened to anything, hoping to save time if I needed to. Basically I was needed to work an event that I said I would work but then they didn't need me. But Jes was extremely sick and they seemed desperate. The event was black tie and I had nothing of the sort. So I ran down the street and bought one of the first black dresses I saw, in case I was able to get off interning early. I knew there would be no time to pick up something later. And I was right. I left at 3:00 and walked very quickly to the subway. I had to go home and be back at this place by 4:30, so I was in a hurry. Second time today I had to rush through the streets of NY hoping not to be late. I hate that. Well, I get to the train in good timing and am standing in front of the door, waiting for it to open when instead, it starts moving again. Leaves us. WHAT? Then an announcement comes on. None of the trains I need are stopping at that station. I didn't even think. I ran back upstairs and made my way seven streets up to the next stop. Well, apparently everyone wanted to be on that street at the same time. I was hustling like crazy, completey stressed out and upset. If I accidentally hit someone while I weaved my way around, I muttered, "excuse me". Well, for one woman, that wasn't good enough. I flew by her and she starts muttering "That's right just run in to me blah blah blah I am a cruel, heartless person..." Well, I just was tired of it. I am not walking like this for the fun of it. So, I stopped in my tracks, turned around, took a good stance and said, "EXCUSE. ME." Boy, I told her. So I kept walking, made some more people mad, but I got to the train. Seemed like I waited forever. I busted it to my room when I got off and dropped my bed on my back at 3:51. Twenty minutes behind schedule. But it's okay, I can get ready for black tie in ten minutes, right? Yes, I absolutely can. I got back on that train and got off at 4:26. Called Samantha for walking directions just as my phone was dying from all the stress it's had today. It was such a relief to see the people I was meeting, despite the sweat and painful feet I was enduring. We had some time to rest before we went to Battery Park and held up signs, directing lawyers where to go to get on the ferry to Ellis Island. I had a run in with a charicateur artist. He would not leave me alone, but I got rid of him. Because I am a smart city girl. Hm. The lawyers were nice and it was nice to make eye contact and smile and even talk to people. That does not happen here unless you want to get suckered into buying sunglasses and/or robbed. Eventually, though, I began to freeze, as we were by the water and my dress was not warm. Also, my feet! Get me some slippers and sweat pants, please. Samantha and I left eventually and went to Times Square, had some pizza, and met Caleb at the Starbucks he works at. He had more pizza from a meeting he was at. I got some free hot chocolate, and we got samples of new Starbucks breakfast sandwhiches. Then Samantha and I went to the subway and Caleb biked home. Well, after chatting with a nice theater student, we discovered we were going downtown and we needed to go uptown. How did that happen? We were just so tired, I think. Didn't even notice. Thankfully, we hadn't gotten on the train yet, so we walked around to the uptown train, only to find our cards had been swiped too recently and wouldn't let us in. We watched the train come and go, and we could do nothing about it. Seriously, public transporation was not good to me today. By the time the next train came around our cards were working again, so it was back on the freezing cold train. But now, I am in my bed wearing my pj's and I am so tired that I am considering not even checking my spelling. Huge, I know.

So there it is. In one, huge, not-very-appealing-to-the-eye paragraph. Congrats if you read it all and you are not my mom. I am going to read some Job and possibly some Screwtape, but I may be fast asleep by then. Can't wait.


Mom said...

Of course, your Mom read it all. Wish I was there to yell at that lady. (like I would)

Lauren said...

i read it all. it is so weird that this is your life right now, it's so exciting though i think it should be movie. or maybe a documentary, i guess thats what this blog is for. i think i just still can't grasp that you're living in new york and that i get to be there in like 6 days!!!

RACHEL said...

geeze brittany, I applaud you for all of that you just did. I cant wait to be there hah. You sound so successful just being able to get through new york. well I love you, and I did read it all and guess what im not mom! :)