Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ms. White

Yesterday I was carrying groceries home after work and when I turned down my street, I noticed a little guy walking beside me. A cute little squirrel-guy.

I watched him hop around beside me, jumping from porch to porch, dodging trash cans, squeezing through iron rod fences and skipping steps.

I figured he was pretty unaware that I was there, but he still stayed next to me the whole walk down 14th Street. Until he hit a road block. A wall of trash cans and bricks that looked pretty impossible to breach, even for a squirrelly squirrel.

It made me a little sad, as I had formed the idea that he actually was walking with me. But I persevered. I walked up my steps and put my bags down inside the doorway while I searched for my keys in my bag.

Then I turned around to pick my bags back up and glanced towards our porch and what do you know. There he is, the little guy. Sitting on my porch starring at me. I looked at him for awhile and wondered if I should offer him some lettuce and sing him a song but he scampered off before I could bribe him with food (and arias).

It might freak you out a little, but I'm okay with it. Reminds me of another rodent-magnet I know.