Wednesday, May 06, 2009


A few short weeks ago I helped host a lingerie shower for my roommate, Alison. She's getting married and we needed to celebrate.

I decided to make some cupcakes. Then I got all these ideas. Then I looked at blogs and then I looked at pictures and then I combined other people's brilliant ideas and set off to create something marvelous for Alison.

I decided that fondant is not the devil.

It was fun, like Pioneer Woman told me it would be.

And everyone ate it! Because it tasted not only edible, but good-edible!

Here's the full set. This was fun.

I like baking more and more these days.

And for once in my life, I got paid for it. Mostly covered my expenses, but I got paid to make this cake with four friends from church who spent a long, long afternoon at my apartment then drove me to work with these four extremely heavy-probably-because-they-have-seven-total-pounds-of-butter cakes that thoroughly wore me out so much that I had to take the next day off work after they served their purpose at my co-worker's baby shower. Truly. was. exhausting. But...oh so pretty. I'm considering a little business on the side after that grueling weekend, because I actually really liked it. I've thought of calling it "The Red Apron" after the first apron I ever had which Rachel bought for me, or "Sweet Talk" after some cool graffiti I saw in Brooklyn. What do you think?

Those church friends also helped me create one last sweet thang. I will never EVER look at tootsie rolls the same way. But imagine the faces when this kitty litter cake showed up at the church pot luck.

Now. I'm off to contemplate the next creation...