Thursday, February 26, 2009

The list.

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Okay y'all, here we go. I love this idea and am really excited. I've decided to start on March 1 so that Lauren has enough time to write her own list and join me. That means I've got to finish by November 27, 2011.


Itatlics: I am in the process of completing.

1. Save all my change for 1001 days
2. Memorize 100 Bible verses
3. Choose one family member to focus my prayers on each week.
4. Thank God before every meal
5. Document one thing I am thankful for every day for a year
6. Play an instrument once a week
7. Mail Lauren and Rachel handwritten letters/postcards once a month
8. Volunteer/help once a month
9. Update my food blog at least once a month
10. Limit my Starbucks purchases to once a month
11. Build my library by purchasing one cheap book at Strand per month
12. Bring baked goods to work at least once every three months
13. Blog every day for a month
14. Take one picture a day for a month
15. Decide on a new strength work out and do it for a month (at least)
16. Purchase all my produce from the local farmers at the street markets for one month
17. Be a live studio audience member
18. Become a member of City Church
19. Bike through a park in the City
20. Build my own headboard
21. Buy a copy of Disney's Snow White
22. Buy a dress at Anthropologie
23. Buy a new pair of Chuck Taylors
24. Buy flowers for no particular reason
25. Buy gifts from Etsy
26. Buy roller blades and use them
27. Buy/acquire a Kitchen Aid mixer
28. Buy a small grill and learn how to barbecue
29. Color through an entire coloring book
30. Continue to pay towards my credit card and school loans
31. Convince Lauren to read at least one Harry Potter book
32. Convince one or both of my sisters to live with me again
33. Cook a 5 course meal
34. Cook a meal for a family in my church
35. Create a "recipe repertoire"
36. Create and mail Christmas cards
37. Don’t eat fast food (with the exception of one visit to both sonic and Chick-fil-a when I go home)
38. Eat and/or drink on the roof
39. Fly a kite
40. Go a week without washing my hair
41. Go apple picking
42. Go fishing
43. Go on a hike
44. Go on a road trip
45. Go to a beach other than the one on Coney Island
46. Go to a concert in the park
47. Go to a park and swing
48. Go to a spa
49. Go to a vineyard
50. Go to Africa
51. Go to DC
52. Go to Manhattan and back without using public transportation
53. Go to Niagara Falls
54. Go to the Brooklyn museum
55. Go to the Coney Island aquarium
56. Go to the diner down the street somewhere around 3AM
57. Go to the West Coast
58. Help a stranger
59. Host a BBC party (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre)
60. Keep a scrapbook
61. Learn French
62. Learn how to play the drums
63. Learn to play tennis
64.Meet Hanson
65. Memorize a classical piece on the piano
66. Never complain
67. Paint on a canvas
68. Picnic in the park
69. Plant an herb garden
70. Play an open mic
71. Play in the rain
72. Pray with a stranger
73. Read 30 books
74. Read a comic book
75. Read the Bible in a year
76. Ride a horse
77. Run 3 5ks
78. See at least 3 Broadway shows
79. See the Nutcracker
80. See a movie openings at midnight
81. Send a letter to Brandon
82. Sew a dress
83. Sew a quilt
84. Spend an entire day watching Harry Potter
85. Spend an entire day watching The Lord of the Rings
86. Start and keep a dream journal
87. Update my resume
88. Watch the sunrise from the Brooklyn Bridge
89. Wear a costume
90. Write a book (children's or otherwise)
91. Write a song inspired by/for my parents and sisters (one for each)

For the last 10, I was stumped. So I let Lauren write them. OH BOY:

92. Successfully play a really awesome April fool’s day prank
93. Give/Receive 8 big bear hugs throughout the day just see if you are a happier person.
94. Buy an animal
95. Take a homeless person to lunch and ask to pray for them (Choose wisely)
96. Go a full day without picking your wedgie, no matter how far up there it is.
97. Visit Stillwater, and go to a football game
98. Wear all pink one day (A pink dress doesn't count)
99. Fart in public. And not a silent one, and not around a bunch of girlfriends
100. Sing out loud on the subway until someone gives you money
101. Skip everywhere you go for a day

What do you think? Anything seem impossible? I hope so :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Food and Folk

Well I was hoping to post a nice picture of my legs and say something like, "I went to Vermont and all I got were these busted up knees," but somehow every picture I took looked simultaneously better and worse than I wanted to. Better because my bruises are looking less black and blue. Worse because...I mean come on, what kind of idiot posts a picture of her legs on the internet in the middle of winter? Not this idiot!

So instead, I'll post some pictures of my dinner. I know - I have a separate blog for food. HA! Last time I updated that baby was April, so just deal with me here and check out this sweet meal:

Broccoli, spinach and feta pizza on homemade whole wheat and honey crust

I made the crust personal size and baked 4 extra for later on. They are awesome and super easy!

So, Vermont. I went and fulfilled my dream of visiting "America's winter play land" (you may or may not know that White Christmas is basically my favorite movie ever). It didn't exactly live up to Rosemary Clooney expectations, but I had a good time. I snowboarded for the first time in 6 years and I hurt very much because of it. Apparently they have to make fake snow on the East coast - no nice, soft powder to fall on like Colorado so generously supplies. I really did have some bad looking knees and almost called someone to drive me down on the last run...but I soldiered through. I actually am a good snow boarder. I think. I have lots of excuses and conditions to blame the soreness and bruising on. But like I said to my housemates...I love battle wounds! Means you experienced something. I really am all for living.

Speaking of living, lately I find I'm between this feeling of wanting to be busy and distracted and wanting to hole up all alone somewhere and refresh. I can't decide which sounds better.

Last night I saw a concert at the Apollo in Harlem: M. Ward. He was incredible. His voice is so smooth and warm and I felt like I was sitting by a fire. He is also a great guitar player. All those songs on his site are good, but "Never Had Nobody Like You" is probably the most likable on first listen, so give her a listen. That's Zooey Deschanel singing with him. You probably know her as Jovie from Elf. She and M. did an album last year under the band name She and Him. I was a huge fan of that album. Listen! "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here" is a good one to start with.

This post is dedicated to Tricia Christopher.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Church on the Q

Today I walked down to Union Square to get a salad for lunch and some groceries from Whole Foods. On the way there I sort of got lost in a prayer for lots of various things and people that were on my heart.

I got my salad, got my eggs, got my lettuce (so I can make my own salads next time). Then I got on the train to go back to work since I'd run out of time to walk back.

And I sat down, and I heard a clear, tenor, soulful voice start singing:

You are Awesome in this place, Mighty God
You are Awesome in this place, Abba Father
You are worthy of all our praise
To You our lives we raise
You are awesome in this place, Mighty God

As usual, people didn't stare. A few people glanced at the man. He didn't look crazy. I started singing along (...under my breath), and closed my eyes and just enjoyed his song.

I had been thinking earlier about the life I live and if it is a testimony to Christ to everyone I meet. I know that some people I have recently met probably have no clue about my faith and it is something I am resolved to change.

I waited for him to walk around and ask for money, change, a smile, a blessing. But he just stood in the same doorway, got off at the next stop which was also mine, humming as he went...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Oh, hello February. You are a rather boring and cold month and I appreciate you being shorter than all the other months, but I was wondering if you could still try to pick up the pace and go away quickly? You are the month that connects other more fun months, and no one likes transition. But I guess I'll try to make the best of you because I know that time IS indeed, fleeting.

Good morning. I got near 10 hours of sleep last night trying to make up for what I missed over the weekend (does that seem backwards?) and now I'm groggy. I'm drinking less coffee, mostly because work coffee tastes like gasoline without lots of cream and sugar in it. I made some peppermint tea and turned on some Adele to ease into the day.

Hopefully soon I will have some exciting stories to share, let's see if February can exceed my expectations.