Sunday, November 26, 2006

The end is near.

My Thanksgiving friends are all gone. Laura, Lauren and Chelsea all came up to join me in the likes of the parade, Serendipity, shopping, and Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Somewhere in there, I assume it was the seven hours standing in the freezing cold rain during the parade, I got a little yucky feeling. It held off for a while, but Chelsea left this morning around 5AM and after walking her out to a cab and jogging back to my bed, I think it all hit me. I stayed up for a little bit since I felt so gross, and watched a movie until I fell back asleep. I finally "got up" (actually only woke up, I've probably left my bed for a total of five minutes) around 4. Made the mistake of eating granola bars, pie, and a hopes for a speedy recovery but it's all I had in the room and I had to eat something...

Anyway it's almost 11PM now and feels much earlier. I've got homework to do and a full week of work ahead. I haven't stayed in one city this long since high school. I love it, but I'm ready for home. I'm sick, I'm poor, I'm's just time to gain some energy back.

Still, I am thankful to be here. And so thankful for the week of non-stop laughing I just had. For that, I can handle a little cold.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am falling.

This is officially the fastest weekend of the semester. I don't know why it was just here, and now it's gone. Also, it was amazing. It consisted of friends, soul food in Harlem, cheap food in China Town, fireworks and fall in full swing. The NYC marathon was today so last night there were fireworks in Central Park and a jazz band was playing...and it felt like 1920.

I walked about 5 or 6 miles today, mostly because I couldn't take my eyes away from things like this:

The strange thing about it is that I kept taking these pictures thinking, "I always look at pictures like this and want so badly to be there." So I had to remind myself how blessed I am. And I had to stop looking through the lense every once in awhile and actually be there, right where I was.

Texas, how could you be so cruel as to deprive us of fall?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


I did this to my hair Sunday night:

I never thought the day would really come when I would have the guts to do it. It is really a few inches longer than this but due to the curlers I slept in it looks amazingly short. Maybe one day I will pay for someone else to cut my hair but I'm just so dang good at making myself look hot for free.

I am listening to recordings I did mostly in high school of songs I was writing on my computer and I don't understand why I couldn't keep the beat. The songs all start off slow and end in an amazinly rapid pace. It's strange to hear my voice when I was souped up with voice lessons. It may not have been better, but it was definitely more confident.

New York is still amazing for the most part. I saw "Wicked" and next Friday Bojangles invited me as his guest to opening night of the Christmas Spectacular, aka Radio City Rockettes at, where else, Radio City Music Hall. Sometime within the month I will see "Mary Poppins" and I am excited beyond belief. Hopefully will see a show with Chelsea over Thanksgiving.

I bought three books at Borders the other day (three for the price of two)! I have decided that buying books is a really great thing and I hope to accumulate a nice library over time.

I leave you with this:

Just another normal day in the city.