Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dance like no ones watching...even when they are.

Today was sort of the same as yesterday, only I didn't take lunch. I ate one of the Starbucks sandwhiches while I worked hard to finish the TV project. Class was boring again because we talked about artist/management contracts. Top it off, it was rainy and dreary. I didn't take a shower and I wore tennis shoes. But a few good things did happen. We got out of class early. I started a group on facebook called LAUREN WHITE FOR HOMECOMING QUEEN and invited a bunch of people I didn't know. She might not even be in court, but at least it's funny. I'm talking to her right now and she is reading this right now...hi Lauren.

And a great thing happened. In the subway coming back from class, there was a great blues band playing and a pretty large crowd of people watching. There was what I would call a "dance floor" in front of the band. It was actually a huge space in between the band and the c-shaped crowd. Right. A dancefloor. Had I thought for a second, the next thing would not have happened. Thankfully, I did not think, only jumped in front of the crowd and started dancing. By myself. Someone took a picture of me. After that BJ said he was thinking that he was happy he knew that girl. As it is, I'm happy I know that girl, too.


Mom said...

I'm happy I know that girl, too.