Thursday, March 12, 2009

File under: Next time I run out of underwear.

Yesterday between work and church I had a little time to kill.

I went to Target in Brooklyn and spotted a long dress that I thought might be a nice contender for my Africa wardrobe. Oh, hi. I'm going Africa in August! You can't show your knees there. Anyway, cute, long dress...let's try it on.

It looks pretty good on me...if I were pregnant.

No thanks, let me just put my jeans back...oh, what's this?

It's clothing tags that have been ripped off.

That's strange. I wonder what they were for...

Oh. Thongs.

Oh. Someone is walking around Target. Wearing two stolen thongs under their clothes.


That is weird and gross and...

I kinda gotta give them credit?

Thong thief, you are pretty brill.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! Just kidding, I'm not the thong thief.

Brittany said...

Hahaha not the response I expected from you, mom.

Anonymous said...

Must be a sign of the times. People can't afford their thongs.