Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bedroom, brooklyn

My new room is pretty and warm and homey. And it's all mine. And I love it. Have a gander:

Somewhere below is the "Forget" box. Bills, taxes, insurance...all necessary, but I prefer the "Remember" box. The one with the ticket stubs and the photos and the playbills.

I forgot to take the water bottle off the shelf. It is not a staple in my room (but it is a staple on my work desk).

I got this at IKEA for about $6. Notice any familiar faces?

The beautiful view from the doorway. I didn't show you the side with the huge paper lantern, vanity mirror, and the necklace holder Lauren made me for Christmas. You'll just have to visit me to see that.

This is Ezra. Ezra says hello.

Sometimes Ezra gets lonely when I'm gone at work or galavanting through the city.

But Toby is always there with a shoulder to lean on.

Well maybe I shouldn't be left all alone in a room after all. Here's hoping that one day I get more creative with those instruments than I do with my BFF stuffed animals.


Christine said...

Finally you got your commenting thingy working! Or I figured it out...

I love that you've kept the boys' card so long. Love that.

Glad your blogging again. It's a thankless job, to be sure. But the world needs people like you and me to fill their computers with our thoughts. 'Cause they're worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Nice new room, Brittany. I need a forget box. And Ezra and Toby look like they could star in children's book.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you have made the most of a small space. Very nice! Love the Africa picture.

Anonymous said...

BRIIIIITT-NEEEEY -I am glad you finally stepped up and got back on this. Yea, I check frequently - kind of makes me feel a little stalkerish.....but anyway keep up the good work.