Monday, February 22, 2010

Year Twenty Five

In case you check this graveyard of a blog regularly, please feel free to move on over to my DAILY updated blog, Year Twenty Five!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Brittany, Austin

Coming soon!!!!!


But I AM moving to Austin. I can't deny my roots any longer.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pioneer WOMAN!!!

Okay, I must have exhausted every social network resource I can think of, but in case you didn't know, my photo is on Pioneer Woman's website today!!!! I feel so happy. Be sure to check out comment number 11. I didn't hire her. I don't even KNOW her! (But I do know comment number 69...thanks Alison!)

The call was to upload your favorite portrait. I uploaded a few, thinking I had no chance as there were already close to 6,000 uploaded. But I am a dreamer of dreams!! And it paid off!

This is Nzingo. She is one of four children of the host family that I lived with for the last two months. Grayson, my awesome roommate, brought ring pops and Nzingo never stopped licking that thing, I swear. In fact, morning day I stepped on a sticky ring and I thought I'd put it in the trash so was very confused when I saw Nzingo sucking on it a little while later. That's when I freaked out and ACTUALLY threw it in the trash. But she sure did love it.

Two of my favorite things colliding...Africa and Pioneer Woman. Oh, what a beautiful day!